Nuclear power plants, both in the construction process and in the exploitation and maintenance process, need a very wide range of specific equipment, products, and materials.



AD Engineering provides quality support to suppliers and manufacturers in order to ensure accurate delivery of equipment, products, and materials, without delays.


Equipment for stationary diesel generator plants for safety power supply of power up to 10 MW such as mechanical equipment (intake air filters, compressed air engine start modules, expansion tanks, daily fuel tanks, refuelling modules, silencers.


Electrical equipment (parts for cubicles and panels for automatic control systems as parts installed in auxiliary control cubicles ACC1, ACC2 and ACC3, uninterruptible power supply cubicles (UPS cubicles), IT diagnostic cubicles (IDC cubicles), diesel control cubicles (DCC cubicles), generator control cubicles (GCC cubicles), local control panels (LCC panels).

Current projects

One of the current and very important facilities is the ROOPPUR NPP, for which the AD Engineering company also supplied significant volume of materials and equipment.