Projects and services

AD Engineering cooperates with AtomTechAlliance, an engineering company that has supplied material, equipment, and services for a number of nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, and thermal power plants in the past two decades.

    One of the current and very important actual references is NPP ROOPPUR in Bangladesh, for which AD Engineering also supplied a significant amount of materials and equipment.

    Among other things, AD Engineering participates in the preparation of offers for tenders and the selection of subcontractors for the production and delivery of various equipment and materials for NPP PAKS II in Hungary and NPP EL DABAA in Egypt.

    Current projects

    AD Engineering actively participates in the implementation of the ROOPPUR NPP project, a project that includes the construction and commissioning of two power units with reactors of the VVER-1200 type.

    Engineering services

    A team of our experienced experts participates in our part of the project, performing work at the highest professional level.

    From managing our part of the project and quality assurance work, we provide comprehensive support tailored to very specific needs.

    Our engineering challenges are precision and reliability, which thanks to our experience on previous projects we can fully meet.

    Project management

    We provide technical, commercial, and regulatory support to ensure the technical and financial performance of the project at the highest possible level.