AD Engineering is a company with many years of experience based on the delivery of equipment, products, materials, and services for civil nuclear energy facilities.

About us

In times of increasing energy requirements, the field of civil nuclear energy shows continuous growth, which creates the need for the introduction of new, specialized companies in the design and production process for this specific and demanding field.

Projects and services

AD Engineering cooperates with AtomTechAlliance, an engineering company that has supplied material, equipment, and services for a number of nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, and thermal power plants in the past two decades.

Project management

Current projects

Engineering services

Current projects

One of the current and very important facilities is the ROOPPUR NPP, for which the AD Engineering company also supplied significant volume of materials and equipment.


Nuclear power plants, both in the construction process and in the exploitation and maintenance process, need a very wide range of specific equipment, products, and materials.

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